Welcome to Caffeinated Living!

An intro to me and my blog.

Hey there caffeinated friends! I’m Olivia, and I figured I’d give myself (and this blog) a little introduction. First things first, I am a huge coffee lover. One of my favorite experiences is exploring new cafes and coffee shops. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve been able to sit inside a cafe, sipping a latte and doing work on my laptop, but I’m hoping to be able to safely get back to it soon. Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been making a lot more coffee at home– mostly in the French press or making cold brew. Hot coffee is great, but I love to drink iced coffee year round.

I’m from the Boston area, so I am a die-hard Dunkin’ fan if I had to pick a coffee chain. However, I have been so impressed with the number of local coffee shops and also coffee roasters around me. I’m committed to trying as many local roasters as possible, in addition to blends from across the country (and the world ,for that matter). However, as a college student, I split my time between home and Middlebury, Vermont, and I’m excited to learn more about the Vermont coffee scene over the next few years.

In this blog, I’m hoping to share my thoughts on new roasters, review my experiences at new cafés, and also share at-home coffee recipes and tips. I’m by no means a coffee expert, but when I find something delicious, I am always very excited to share. I also might talk navigating life as a (caffeinated) college student. Looking forward to trying out blogging and getting into the rhythm of writing regularly about things I love!

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