What’s the Deal With Third Wave Coffee?

I’ve been hearing more and more about “third wave” coffee the longer I’ve been around coffee Instagram and local coffee shops, but up until now, it was just a buzzword to me. One that conjured up images of a boujee, indie, combination coffee-shop-and-microroaster that served pour overs from a Chemex? Yes. Still, I didn’t haveContinue reading “What’s the Deal With Third Wave Coffee?”

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Coffee Edition

With a little less than two weeks to go until May, it’s definitely getting well into spring and getting close to Mother’s Day! Fortunately, for my fellow gifting procrastinators, there is still time to pick out presents and have them arrive before the big day. If you don’t know where to start for the coffeeContinue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Coffee Edition”

What Are The Benefits of Your Morning Cup of Coffee?

Most of us can appreciate the immediate positive effects of our morning cup of coffee, either iced or hot– the flavor, the caffeine, the comfort of a consistent morning routine. Still, if you’re looking for even more justification for enjoying your cuppa (or two), there are a lot of benefits to coffee in the longContinue reading “What Are The Benefits of Your Morning Cup of Coffee?”

New England Cold Brew Review Part 2!

About a month or so ago, I posted the first installation of my New England Cold Brew review, highlighting four amazing local businesses that offered canned cold brew for at-home consumption. However, the fun didn’t stop there! I was really impressed by the quality and variety of the cans I tried. The attention to detailContinue reading “New England Cold Brew Review Part 2!”

Liv’s March Coffee Roundup!

There is still a week left in March, but as the month draws to a close, I wanted to highlight some of the new coffee I tried. These drinks run the gamut from cold brew to whole bean coffee, pre-ground coffee, and a mushroom-based chaga packet for iced lattes! Without further ado, let’s spill theContinue reading “Liv’s March Coffee Roundup!”

Best of New England Cold Brew Coffee Roundup

For many New Englanders, drinking iced coffee even in the dead of winter is a point of pride, maybe even a cultural norm. As a coffee drinker in Massachusetts, I am no exception. As you may or may not know if you’ve been following along with my Instagram page for a while, I am aContinue reading “Best of New England Cold Brew Coffee Roundup”

Valentine’s Coffee Recipe: Easy At-Home Iced Cherry Vanilla Latte

I’m not sure what your thoughts are on seasonal specialty drinks at cafes, but I am a big fan of them! While I love a standard latte or espresso beverage year-round, there’s something that feels extra indulgent and special about a limited-time flavor. Step aside, Starbucks pink drink! In today’s post, I’m sharing with youContinue reading “Valentine’s Coffee Recipe: Easy At-Home Iced Cherry Vanilla Latte”

My Best of Boston Cafe Guide

As a lifelong Massachusetts resident, I’ve had ample opportunity to try a bunch of different coffee shops and cafés. Boston has a great local coffee scene, and I love to try new cafes.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to visit them all, but I’m definitely making my best effort. I’ll try to limit myselfContinue reading “My Best of Boston Cafe Guide”

Four Easy Tips To Make Your Coffee Routine More Eco-Friendly

Hey there, fellow coffee lovers! Recently, I’ve been trying to be more environmentally conscious and focus on making little swaps to be more eco-friendly and sustainable– and yes, these swaps extend to my morning coffee, too. Most of these tweaks have been very small and easy, so I figured I would share some of whatContinue reading “Four Easy Tips To Make Your Coffee Routine More Eco-Friendly”

Welcome to Caffeinated Living!

An intro to me and my blog. Hey there caffeinated friends! I’m Olivia, and I figured I’d give myself (and this blog) a little introduction. First things first, I am a huge coffee lover. One of my favorite experiences is exploring new cafes and coffee shops. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve been ableContinue reading “Welcome to Caffeinated Living!”

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