Five Amazing Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Boston

Looking for a lovely weekend brunch in Boston to go along with your coffee? Every once in a while, I love to do a bit more of a sit-down! You can skip the overhyped Stephanie’s in favor of some other equally delicious but often less pretentious spots. I picked some of my favorites that are perfectContinue reading “Five Amazing Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Boston”

My Best of Boston Cafe Guide

As a lifelong Massachusetts resident, I’ve had ample opportunity to try a bunch of different coffee shops and cafés. Boston has a great local coffee scene, and I love to try new cafes.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to visit them all, but I’m definitely making my best effort. I’ll try to limit myselfContinue reading “My Best of Boston Cafe Guide”

Welcome to Caffeinated Living!

An intro to me and my blog. Hey there caffeinated friends! I’m Olivia, and I figured I’d give myself (and this blog) a little introduction. First things first, I am a huge coffee lover. One of my favorite experiences is exploring new cafes and coffee shops. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve been ableContinue reading “Welcome to Caffeinated Living!”

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