Four Easy Tips To Make Your Coffee Routine More Eco-Friendly

Hey there, fellow coffee lovers! Recently, I’ve been trying to be more environmentally conscious and focus on making little swaps to be more eco-friendly and sustainable– and yes, these swaps extend to my morning coffee, too. Most of these tweaks have been very small and easy, so I figured I would share some of what I’ve changed in my coffee routine to cut down on my consumption of single-use plastics. 

  1. Make coffee at home more

Making coffee at home is not only cheaper than going out, but using a mug means that you’re reducing the number of disposable to-go cups that you get from cafés. Especially with pandemic restrictions encouraging people to stay at home, I’ve found having a good at-home coffee routine to be an easy and effective change.

  1. Reusable cups

This goes along with making coffee at home, but using a reusable coffee cup can also make a big difference in how much trash you’re generating from your coffee routine. At home, you might use a mason jar or mug, but some of my favorite reusable cups are also great for on the go, such as a Keepcup or a Yeti tumbler. As a bonus, reusable cups come in a huge range of colors and styles and can be really cute as well.

  1. Metal straws

While some people may prefer silicone straws, I’ve found metal straws are my favorite reusable straw. I have a great set from Target in fun colors. I might not always remember to bring my straw with me when I’m going out, but every time I do remember feels like a little win.

  1. Compost coffee grounds

Recently, my family started a compost bin as part of a new year’s resolution. Many food scraps can make good compost– apple cores, banana peels, and yes, coffee grounds too! While there’s nothing catastrophic about throwing out coffee grounds, eliminating the volume of trash your household produces can only be a good thing for the environment– and all the better if you can also create good compost while you’re at it and maybe even give your garden an additional boost!

And that’s it! All of these changes were pretty simple to implement and of course aren’t hard and fast rules. Still, every small change adds up, and picking a few to try out and carry on with is a long-term goal of mine going forward.

My at-home iced coffee featuring a metal straw

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