Oh, Snap: A Roundup of Local Cold Coffee Cans

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sipping away at a variety of awesome cold coffee collaborations. Watertown, MA’s Elemental Beverage Co. has used their Snapchill technology to partner with a variety of roasters and package their coffee cold in cans that stay fresh. I’ve been particularly enjoying trying cans from New England roasters. WithoutContinue reading “Oh, Snap: A Roundup of Local Cold Coffee Cans”

Autumn Latte Flavors You’ll Fall for this November

Pumpkin spice lattes are wonderful, but now near-ubiquitous in the autumn season. However, this year, I’ve noticed that local cafés have been working to quite literally spice up their fall drink menus. With new and delicious flavors, these lattes provide autumnal flavor and warmth while still managing to be unique. Maple Latte Ubiquitous in VermontContinue reading “Autumn Latte Flavors You’ll Fall for this November”

A Master List of Vermont Coffee Roasters

Moving up to Vermont has made me realize that there is a surprisingly vibrant coffee roasting scene, with a plethora of roasters both big and small to choose from, albeit mostly smaller roasters. It’s an overwhelming list, but I have tried my best to start compiling one of every Vermont coffee roaster whose name IContinue reading “A Master List of Vermont Coffee Roasters”

Local Coffee Spotlight: 11th Hour Botanicals

When I stopped by 11th Hour a couple weeks ago right as they opened to talk with owner Jenn Buker, another customer had already beaten me to the punch. She ordered the double Bee’s Knees– a double shot latte with hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon and honey. This drink was warm and cozy, with a lot goingContinue reading “Local Coffee Spotlight: 11th Hour Botanicals”

A Coffee Tour of Middlebury, Vermont

Fun fact: I believe I have now visited every coffee shop in Middlebury! It’s not a very long list, mind you, but all of them have some really great offerings. Without further ado, here is a review and recap of what to expect if you ever do a full lap of the coffee circuit inContinue reading “A Coffee Tour of Middlebury, Vermont”

Best Coffee Shops in Boston to Work In

I love to recommend coffee shops to people coming to visit Boston. It makes me so happy to get DMs asking about good spots, because I have so many to recommend! There are so many factors to consider when picking the best spot– menu, aesthetics, location– but one thing that has been popping up moreContinue reading “Best Coffee Shops in Boston to Work In”

A Guide to the Best Coffee In Colorado Springs

This past week, I’ve been exploring Colorado Springs with my family. In between runs, hikes, and a visit to the Air Force Academy, I’ve also squeezed in a ridiculous number of coffee stops in a few short days, often dragging everyone along for the ride. In three days, I hit six different coffee spots nearContinue reading “A Guide to the Best Coffee In Colorado Springs”

Five Amazing Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Boston

Looking for a lovely weekend brunch in Boston to go along with your coffee? Every once in a while, I love to do a bit more of a sit-down! You can skip the overhyped Stephanie’s in favor of some other equally delicious but often less pretentious spots. I picked some of my favorites that are perfectContinue reading “Five Amazing Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Boston”

A Comprehensive New England Cold Brew Guide

As you may or may not be aware of if you’ve been following along with this blog for a while, I drink a LOT of cold brew. More specifically, I drink a lot of local, New England cold brew, and review each can. However, I have still barely scratched the surface after months of sampling.Continue reading “A Comprehensive New England Cold Brew Guide”

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