Best Coffee Shops in Boston to Work In

I love to recommend coffee shops to people coming to visit Boston. It makes me so happy to get DMs asking about good spots, because I have so many to recommend! There are so many factors to consider when picking the best spot– menu, aesthetics, location– but one thing that has been popping up more and more is folks looking for good places to get work done. COVID has definitely changed how a lot of cafes operate, but here I’m putting forward a few Boston spots that are good for working coffee dates with you and your laptop.

Jaho Coffee Roasters

Jaho has ample seating, with a mix of couches and tables, as well as Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets. This is a busy but good spot to go to get some work done, but be aware that they have a no-laptop rule after 5 pm, and they transition to wine bar mode in the evening.

Caffe Nero

While not a local Boston coffee shop, Nero has a bunch of locations all over the Boston area and is the quintessential working cafe. With three hours of free wifi, plenty of seating and a cozy faux-vintage, bookish vibe across its locations, this is a perfect spot to get a latte and sit a while.

Pavement Coffee

While much of Pavement’s indoor seating is closed due to the pandemic, in normal times this is a common haunt to sit and do work, especially since so many of their locations are in close proximity to colleges. 

Pavement near NEC (sans seating)

Render Coffee

With COVID, it’s important to always check what a shop’s current policy is, but when Render’s South End seating area is open, it’s a lovely spot to get some work done– and maybe people-watch out the window by some cute brownstones while you’re at it. 

Life Alive Cafe

While Life Alive is a cafe that folks go to for healthy mostly plant-based eats rather than coffee alone, their ample tables make for a cozy spot to sit and do work for a short while. I like the little blue room in the back of their Brookline location best; it feels a little more secluded and quiet.

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