My Best of Boston Cafe Guide

As a lifelong Massachusetts resident, I’ve had ample opportunity to try a bunch of different coffee shops and cafés. Boston has a great local coffee scene, and I love to try new cafes.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to visit them all, but I’m definitely making my best effort. I’ll try to limit myselfContinue reading “My Best of Boston Cafe Guide”

Seven Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for Coffee Lovers to Try

It feels like everything has moved to a subscription-based model these days. From online services like Netflix and Spotify Premium to physical deliveries like Ipsy or Book of the Month, it’s clear that there’s been a big shift to charging by the month. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are a lot of benefitsContinue reading “Seven Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for Coffee Lovers to Try”

Massachusetts Coffee Shop Guide: Top 10 Best Cafés To Try

Alright folks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite coffee spots and including pros, cons and recommendations. However, I challenged myself to NOT include all the amazing coffee shops in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area and instead wanted to highlight cafés slightly off the beaten path. I expanded my reach to all of Massachusetts. That said, theContinue reading “Massachusetts Coffee Shop Guide: Top 10 Best Cafés To Try”

How I Pick The Best Cafes To Visit Anywhere

The more overpriced lattes I drink, the more picky I get about where exactly I’m spending (wasting?) my money. I’m not exactly a coffee snob– in fact, I’m totally happy with Dunkin’ or Starbucks– but I prefer going out to coffee to be a relaxing, sit-down experience. I like local spots, hidden gems, places withContinue reading “How I Pick The Best Cafes To Visit Anywhere”

Four Easy Tips To Make Your Coffee Routine More Eco-Friendly

Hey there, fellow coffee lovers! Recently, I’ve been trying to be more environmentally conscious and focus on making little swaps to be more eco-friendly and sustainable– and yes, these swaps extend to my morning coffee, too. Most of these tweaks have been very small and easy, so I figured I would share some of whatContinue reading “Four Easy Tips To Make Your Coffee Routine More Eco-Friendly”

Welcome to Caffeinated Living!

An intro to me and my blog. Hey there caffeinated friends! I’m Olivia, and I figured I’d give myself (and this blog) a little introduction. First things first, I am a huge coffee lover. One of my favorite experiences is exploring new cafes and coffee shops. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve been ableContinue reading “Welcome to Caffeinated Living!”

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