A Guide to the Best Coffee In Colorado Springs

This past week, I’ve been exploring Colorado Springs with my family. In between runs, hikes, and a visit to the Air Force Academy, I’ve also squeezed in a ridiculous number of coffee stops in a few short days, often dragging everyone along for the ride. In three days, I hit six different coffee spots nearContinue reading “A Guide to the Best Coffee In Colorado Springs”

Five Amazing Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Boston

Looking for a lovely weekend brunch in Boston to go along with your coffee? Every once in a while, I love to do a bit more of a sit-down! You can skip the overhyped Stephanie’s in favor of some other equally delicious but often less pretentious spots. I picked some of my favorites that are perfectContinue reading “Five Amazing Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Boston”

A Comprehensive New England Cold Brew Guide

As you may or may not be aware of if you’ve been following along with this blog for a while, I drink a LOT of cold brew. More specifically, I drink a lot of local, New England cold brew, and review each can. However, I have still barely scratched the surface after months of sampling.Continue reading “A Comprehensive New England Cold Brew Guide”

New England Cold Brew Review #3

Hey all! It’s Liv again, back and more caffeinated than ever. It’s been a while since my last cold brew post, but I promise good things have been brewing behind the scenes! Today, I’m sharing a third installment of my New England Cold Brew Review. Red Barn Coffee– Upton, MA An Upton, MA-based roaster, RedContinue reading “New England Cold Brew Review #3”

Boston’s Most Unique Summer Coffee Specials 2021

Summer is here, meaning that iced drinks are king (not that New Englanders don’t drink iced coffee year round, but still). Your iced coffee does not have to be boring, though! If you want to embrace summer, be spontaneous, and try new things, Boston cafes are here to help. They’ve been pulling out all theContinue reading “Boston’s Most Unique Summer Coffee Specials 2021”

A Concord, MA Day Trip Guide (ft. Coffee)

Concord, MA is a quaint town about forty minutes outside of Boston, making it a perfect day trip, especially in the autumn. I’ve had plenty of time to try pretty much every coffee shop and restaurant around. Some of the best parts of Concord are its quaint town center, historic sites from the Revolutionary War,Continue reading “A Concord, MA Day Trip Guide (ft. Coffee)”

What’s the Deal With Third Wave Coffee?

I’ve been hearing more and more about “third wave” coffee the longer I’ve been around coffee Instagram and local coffee shops, but up until now, it was just a buzzword to me. One that conjured up images of a boujee, indie, combination coffee-shop-and-microroaster that served pour overs from a Chemex? Yes. Still, I didn’t haveContinue reading “What’s the Deal With Third Wave Coffee?”

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Coffee Edition

With a little less than two weeks to go until May, it’s definitely getting well into spring and getting close to Mother’s Day! Fortunately, for my fellow gifting procrastinators, there is still time to pick out presents and have them arrive before the big day. If you don’t know where to start for the coffeeContinue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Coffee Edition”

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