Oh, Snap: A Roundup of Local Cold Coffee Cans

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sipping away at a variety of awesome cold coffee collaborations. Watertown, MA’s Elemental Beverage Co. has used their Snapchill technology to partner with a variety of roasters and package their coffee cold in cans that stay fresh. I’ve been particularly enjoying trying cans from New England roasters. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on a half dozen or so Snapchill cans. 

Brandywine Coffee Roasters– Wilmington, DE

This can was made with Brandywine’s Galactic Standard espresso blend. It is a mix of Colombian and Ethiopian coffees. The packaging is whimsical and absolutely gorgeous, with great art and a dreamy, space-age color scheme. The tasting notes are of mixed berries, bright citrus, and chocolate velvety syrup. I was a big fan of the chocolatey notes in this coffee, which were super rich, but not so much the brighter citrus, which I noticed more in the aftertaste. This tasted good black, but I personally really enjoyed it once I poured it over ice and added a splash of milk. 

Regalia Rainbow Hopper

Regalia Coffee is a New York City based roaster. Their Rainbow Hopper blend is a mix of origins, with coffee from both Ethiopia and Guatemala.  A honey process coffee is the main component of the roast, which is zesty and slightly fruity. It was rich and velvety smooth while still having a fruity crispness. However, despite how playful the combination is, the Snapchill can was remarkably well-balanced and not too acidic. I happily drank the whole can black, and it was my favorite can I tried of the lineup. 

Three Fins Coffee Roasters– Dennis, MA

This can from Cape Cod roaster is a Peruvian single origin with tasting notes of green apple, light berry, and citrus. The coffee tasted fresh, but I’ve slowly been finding through trial and error that citrus/apple tasting notes are not my personal favorite. The bright flavor did remind me of sunny Cape Cod beach days with my family, though! This was a can I added a lot of milk to when I poured it into a mason jar, which dulled the intensity of flavor but made my taste buds a lot happier. 

Little Wolf– Ipswich, MA

Little Wolf’s Companion Blend has notes of berries, chocolate, and cream, a winning combination when it comes to cold coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed the boldness and playfulness of this coffee. It was strong, fresh-tasting and overall a delight.

Fazenda Coffee– Dedham, MA

Fazenda’s Mexico Mixteca was the only nitro I tried of this lineup. It was so good! I love nitro coffee because it is so naturally creamy and smooth. The tasting notes of this coffee were vanilla, cocoa and almond, and I loved the rich chocolatey, nutty flavor Fazenda achieved with this can while still having a super supple, creamy mouthfeel. 

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters– Cambridge, MA

The Broadsheet Headliner blend is a seasonal blend that changes ever so slightly, but always has notes of chocolate, cherries, and creaminess. I believe this iteration was a blend of Colombian and Ethiopian coffee.  I have probably had four or five cans of this coffee over the past few months, and it’s always a delight. This can was no exception 

Ethiopia Single Origin– Elemental Beverage Co. Watertown, MA

This single origin coffee is one of Elemental’s own rather than a collaboration can with another roaster. While I’m personally not the biggest fan of most of the Ethiopian coffees I’ve tried, this can had incredibly unique tasting notes: watermelon, lavender and raw honey. It was definitely floral and light, with a vibrant flavor and very juicy body. The flavor lingers with you after you finish sipping. While not personally my favorite coffee origin, this Kolla Bolcha can was quite well done.

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