Autumn Latte Flavors You’ll Fall for this November

Pumpkin spice lattes are wonderful, but now near-ubiquitous in the autumn season. However, this year, I’ve noticed that local cafés have been working to quite literally spice up their fall drink menus. With new and delicious flavors, these lattes provide autumnal flavor and warmth while still managing to be unique.

Maple Latte

Ubiquitous in Vermont year-round, maple lattes are especially perfect for fall. Sometimes, you may see a maple spice latte with cinnamon or other spices finishing off the flavor profile with a little kick. Pictured is an iced maple spice latte from Haute Coffee in Concord, MA.

Cardamom Vanilla Latte

Gracenote Coffee’s cardamom latte
Royal Oak cardamom vanilla and pumpkin spice lattes

Vanilla lattes are a very common find, but adding cardamom to the latte lends a certain touch of coziness. Cardamom tastes delicious in an iced drink, but like a little hug in a cup as a hot latte. My favorite spot to grab a cardamom vanilla latte is at Royal Oak Coffee in Middlebury, Vermont.

Cinnamon Fig Latte

I spotted this latte flavor on Pavement Coffee’s fall menu and absolutely marveled. Figs add a touch of sweetness but also a bit of nuttiness. Pavement and other cafés with similar offerings are totally getting figgy with it this fall.

Ma’amoul Latte

In a similar vein to other fall latte flavors on this list, this latte special that I tried at Lost Monarch Coffee involved a hint of cinnamon. But it was the other add-ins that had me hooked. Inspired by a ma’amoul cookie, this latte included hints of date, rose, and other goodness, the perfect hint of sweetness without being sickly like a pumpkin or caramel syrup can sometimes be.

Butternut Spice Latte

Life Alive Cafe’s new butternut latte is a healthy and delicious twist on a basic pumpkin latte. With a hint of sweet squash flavor, this latte is sure to be absolutely gourd-geous (pun fully intended). 


Half chai, half apple cider. That’s it. No other drink is quite as much concentrated fall energy per sip. Spotted on the menu of Revival Cafe, Jaho Coffee, and others sprinkled around New England. If you’re not a coffee fan but still want your fair dose of seasonal energy, this is the drink for you!

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