Five Amazing Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Boston

Looking for a lovely weekend brunch in Boston to go along with your coffee? Every once in a while, I love to do a bit more of a sit-down! You can skip the overhyped Stephanie’s in favor of some other equally delicious but often less pretentious spots. I picked some of my favorites that are perfect for both family outings or a girls’ brunch.

Sonsie and Rochambeau– Back Bay

Both of these spots are slightly overpriced, but you’re paying a premium not only for good food, but also the location and ambiance. While some might die on the hill that is Earl’s in the Prudential center, Sonsie on Newbury or Rochambeau right next to the Pru are sliiightly less expensive (but only a little) and deliver an excellent and slightly less competitive brunch experience. At Sonsie, my go-to is the granola bowl. At Rochambeau, you must try their ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote– light, fluffy and an absolute dream.

Milkweed– Mission Hill

Milkweed has long waits on the weekends and does not take reservations– but joining the Yelp waitlist in advance certainly helps. Not only do they offer solid brunch fare, but you can’t beat the prices relative to other popular spots in the city. $7 for a dreamy plate of French toast? Boom, sold.

Cafe Luna– Cambridge

Cafe Luna offers a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, but even with ample tables, you can count on quite a wait. Their lemon ricotta pancakes are legendary, and for good reason, but I also quite enjoy their basic French toast. Café Luna is not cheap, but their decadent noms feel like a more personalized experience than a visit to, say, The Friendly Toast down the road. 

Ball Square Café– Somerville

If you can’t tell at this point, I’m a big French toast advocate, especially on challah bread. Ball Square Café makes a wonderfully fluffy French toast, and offers an extensive menu to choose from, whether sweet or savory better suits your fancy. If Ball Square fills up too fast, Sound Bites next door offers a similarly yummy café menu for brunch with a bit more indoor space. 

Other Spots on my Bucket List:

  • South End Buttery– South End
  • Lincoln Tavern– South End
  • Lulu’s– Allston
  • Buttermilk and Bourbon– Back Bay

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