A Comprehensive New England Cold Brew Guide

As you may or may not be aware of if you’ve been following along with this blog for a while, I drink a LOT of cold brew. More specifically, I drink a lot of local, New England cold brew, and review each can. However, I have still barely scratched the surface after months of sampling. I figured it would be helpful to make a list of every cold brew coffee offering on my radar in the region. Without further ado, here is my cold brew bucket list! I’ve tried most, but not all, so if anyone takes this list as a challenge, I’m right there in the running with the rest of you.

New Hampshire

NOBL Beverages– Seabrook, NH

Available at scores across New England, NOBL offers nitro cold brew, flavored cold brew lattes, and nitro tea, as well as partnering with other companies to help them can their coffees.

King’s Row– Hanover, NH

King’s Row sells ground coffee, but also nitro cold brew cans– you can find them in some New England Whole Foods stores, among other locations.


Loco Coffee

Loco Coffee offers three unique flavors of cold brew; cold brew made with coconut water, maple water, and also a new honey vanilla oat cold brew latte. Yum!


Founded by a Bentley student, Sa.hol got its start in the Boston area but has quickly expanded. Now found on the shelves of stores across New England, Sa.hol makes just one product, but incredibly well: a can of cold brew coffee without added sugar but with plenty of caffeine and flavor. 

Speedwell Coffee

This Plymouth, MA roaster has a super cool seasonal coffee cart! Equally cool is their new launch of nitro cold brew cans, which I’m still itching to try. 

Night Shift Coffee

The coffee arm of local legend Night Shift Brewing, Night Shift Coffee has long been selling delicious bags of beans. Now, though, you can pick up a can of their cold brew coffee at their brewery locations! 

Red Barn Coffee

Red Barn not only has their own coffee blend specifically tailored for cold brew, which is on tap at their cafes, but also sells their nitro cold brew in cans so fans can get their fix anywhere. You can find cans at local groceries across New England or order online.

Atomic Coffee Roasters

Atomic offers cans of both cold brew and nitro cold brew, both of which pack a seriously caffeinated punch with over 300mg of caffeine per can. Delicious, frothy, and an absolute delight, Atomic is one of my favorite cold brews I’ve tried so far, and I love the packaging.

Church Street Brewing Co.

Church Street recently launched a series of different cold brew collabs. So cool! They specialize in naturally flavored cold brew and kick-ass nitro. Now in can form too.

Snowy Owl

Brewster institution Snowy Owl makes top-notch coffee, but now their cold brew cans, produced in collaboration with CRFT Collective, mean you don’t have to drive all the way down to the Cape to get your fix.


Snow Cap Cold Brew– Colchester, Vermont

Snow Cap offers a range of great flavors that perfectly reflect Vermont– maple cold brew, nitro, CBD cold brew, and even collaboration cans with local roaster 802 Coffee!

Abracadabra Coffee– Woodstock, Vermont

A delightfully quirky roaster, Abracadabra’s cold brew cans have some of the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen. They also offer a CBD cold brew and a range of different blends, all of which are sure to impress.


Birdhouse Coffee

Not only does Birdhouse offer an amazing sit down experience at their cafe, but their cold brew cans are super strong and great for sipping at home.


Empyreal Beverage

I have not tried any of Empyreal’s cans myself, but they offer a super compelling range of nitro coffees and teas.

Snap Chilled Coffee

The following is. a list of awesome snap chilled iced coffee cans. While not technically cold brew, it’s still a refreshing and easy way to sip cold coffee ASAP in the morning and/or on the go. Many of these cans were produced in collaboration with Elemental Beverage Co. or Craft Collective, local companies with snapchill and/or canning technology. NOBL Beverages, up higher on this list because they can their own brews, also collaborates with other coffee brands as well, such as Red Barn.

  • Broadsheet Coffee Roasters (MA)
  • Brio Coffeeworks (VT)
  • Perkatory Coffee Roasters (CT)
  • Carrier Roasting (VT)
  • Vivid Coffee (VT)
  • George Howell (MA)
  • New Harvest Coffee (RI)
  • Little Wolf Coffee (MA) 

This is my best attempt at a comprehensive list, but I know there’s no way I caught them all. Drop a name in the comments if you know a New England cold brew that’s missing!

Stay caffeinated!


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