New England Cold Brew Review #3

Hey all! It’s Liv again, back and more caffeinated than ever. It’s been a while since my last cold brew post, but I promise good things have been brewing behind the scenes! Today, I’m sharing a third installment of my New England Cold Brew Review.

Red Barn Coffee– Upton, MA

An Upton, MA-based roaster, Red Barn operates several Massachusetts cafés and has been serving cold brew coffee on tap for over 20 years. Needless to say, they’ve got their recipe down pat. They use a blend of their coffee specifically suited for cold brew and typically brew in a toddy system for 12-18 hours. However, in the past few years, they’ve been working with New Hampshire’s NOBL Beverages to can and infuse their coffee with nitro creaminess. The medium-dark roast, with a hint of smokiness from some Costa Rican coffee in the blend, tastes delicious and powerful as cold brew, tempered perfectly by the creamy nitro foam. 

Snowcap Maple and CBD infused cold brew– Colchester, VT

I reviewed Snowcap’s nitro cold brew can in a previous installation, but I was fortunate enough to try a couple of their other flavors recently, which I will highlight here. First up, their maple-infused cold brew. This flavor felt very on-brand for Vermont, offering the perfect amount of sweetness and a huge energy boost.

Their CBD cold brew, which included 30mg of hemp extract, was also quite good. There was definitely more of a dank, slightly bitter flavor from the hemp, but overall the flavor of the coffee itself was bold enough to stand on its own and offset the hemp. Definitely a good choice to try for a mellow but energized morning. Also, this can was only the second CBD cold brew I’ve ever tried, and it definitely intrigued me enough to give it another go in the future. 

Brio Coffeeworks– Burlington, VT

Brio Coffeeworks is a woman-co-owned roaster based out of Burlington, Vermont. Their espresso is served at several Vermont cafés, and I had the opportunity to try them for the first time at Haymaker Bun in Middlebury, VT (which I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area!). 

Although not technically cold brew coffee, Brio offers two different coffees as flash-chilled nitro cans for pickup at the roastery only. Their Ethiopia sounded delicious, but I opted for the Costa Rica Tarrazu. I was drawn in by the beautiful packaging and tasting notes of maple syrup, green apple, and dark chocolate. From my first sip, I was wowed by the rich, chocolatey flavor. Combined with a bit of a crisp, apple-y tartness, this was the perfect thing to sip as I walked around the streets of Burlington on a surprisingly hot May day. Once I’m back up in Vermont for the fall semester, I can definitely see myself making the return trip back to try out their Ethiopia as well (notes of candied lemon, chocolate and berries– yum!). Their flash chilled espresso also sounds like an energizing choice that would take my dorm room iced lattes to the next level. 

King’s Row Coffee– Hanover, NH

King’s Row Coffee is a coffee company out of Hanover, NH selling both coffee beans and nitro cold brew cans. They offer five different nitro cold brew flavors in addition to their classic black cold brew can, including unique offerings like Bourbon & Butter, Mushroom Mocha, Collagen Cappuccino, Decaf Cappuccino, and Maple Water. Because I’ve had such good experiences with maple-flavored cold brew in the past, I decided to try their maple nitro coffee. After shaking and pouring from the can, I got a great, creamy layer of nitro foam. The maple flavor was subtle throughout– sweet, but not overly so. All in all, a very solid flavored cold brew. Given that the maple was well executed, I’d be interested in trying one of their more unique flavors in the future. Next time I stop at my local Whole Foods, I’ll have to check if they have the full range available.

Bolt Coffee Co– Providence, RI

I have had great luck finding local cold brew cans at the Concord Market recently. This collaboration between Providence, Rhode Island’s Bolt Coffee and Watertown, MA’s Elemental Beverage Co. is proof that my lucky streak is not over! This is technically a snapchilled iced coffee using Bolt’s Mass Appeal medium roast. With notes of milk chocolate, berries, and creamy, this blend sounds like a crowd pleaser: balanced and sweet for easy drinking. Because it is an iced coffee, not a true cold brew, it definitely had a bit more acidity than I might expect from a typical can. If you typically drink hot coffee black, you’d probably love the flavor of this one. My personal preference was to add some oat milk to lend even more creaminess to the coffee. Overall, a really solid iced coffee option and one of the first I’ve tried from Rhode Island. 

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters– Brewster, MA

Snowy Owl is a Brewster, MA-based coffee roaster with two cafe locations down on the Cape. Their cold brew can was produced in collaboration with Craft Collective. They used their Honduran beans in this brew, resulting in a smooth, chocolatey flavor that tasted great straight out of the can with no additions! I am a huge fan of Snowy Owl’s lattes and so glad I found their cold brew at the Concord Market so I could enjoy it from home instead of making the long drive to their adorable cafe. 

Next up to try: 

Loco Coffee Honey Vanilla Oat Milk

I am a huge fan of Loco Coffee’s coconut water and maple water cold brew cans, having sampled them for a previous cold brew review. However, their newest flavor makes me even more excited: honey vanilla oat milk, combining pretty much all of my favorite coffee flavors as of late. The packaging is a bright and mood-boosting yellow, in keeping with the hint of honey. I am really excited to try this one!

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