Boston’s Most Unique Summer Coffee Specials 2021

Summer is here, meaning that iced drinks are king (not that New Englanders don’t drink iced coffee year round, but still). Your iced coffee does not have to be boring, though! If you want to embrace summer, be spontaneous, and try new things, Boston cafes are here to help. They’ve been pulling out all the stops to create unique and summery drinks– here are five I think sound particularly delightful to try this season. 

The Caffe Midnight– Jonquils Cafe 

The Caffe Midnight is a wonderful cross between an iced espresso drink and a bubbly, refreshing summer mocktail. This drink is a combination of single-origin espresso from Gracenote Coffee, a standout local roaster, tonic water, grapefruit juice and a hint of rose syrup. The combination is lovely, bubbly and refreshing for summer. Surprisingly, the slightly sweet citrus of the grapefruit juice pairs beautifully with the richness of the espresso. This was the first time I had ever tried grapefruit and coffee together, and it really worked for me!

Honey Vanilla Oat Cold Brew– Life Alive

Life Alive, a local chain offering healthy, flavorful eats, has released new shaken cold brew drinks on their summer menu, and my favorite is the Honey Vanilla Oat. Cold brew, oat milk, a hint of honey and splash of vanilla all come together in a frothy delight after being enthusiastically combined in a bar shaker. I loved this drink because the flavor was evenly dispersed, the perfect hint of sweet throughout. And the foamy froth on top was amazing! Definitely a refreshing drink that screams summer to me. 

Life Alive also offers black cold brew for those who reject sweetness in their coffee, or a halva flavor. For those who want something refreshing but not as strong as espresso, they also offer a golden turmeric latte, which will dazzle both your taste buds and on your Instagram feed. 

Iced Lavender Mocha– Revival Cafe + Kitchen

A combination of espresso, perennially popular chocolate and the currently trending lavender flavors, Revival’s iced lavender mocha offers a the perfect light floral hint to update a mocha for the summer. 

Iced Kulfi Latte –Jaho Coffee Roasters

Jaho has a reputation for fun latte art and inventive seasonal flavors, and their summer menu is no exception. One of the most compelling menu offerings right now is an iced kulfi latte. This drink sounds absolutely decadent– pistachio, cardamom, rose and saffron combine for a delightful wall of flavor, topped off with cold foam!  

Coconut Pandan Latte– Solid Ground Cafe

Solid Ground offers a new latte special each month, and June’s sounds like a nutty vanilla delight: their coconut pandan latte blends coconut cream, pandan syrup (a fragrant tropical plant), espresso and your milk of choice. With such tropical vibes infused in your coffee, you’ll be in vacation mode from the first sip.

Which of these summer specials sounds the most appealing to you?

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