Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Coffee Edition

With a little less than two weeks to go until May, it’s definitely getting well into spring and getting close to Mother’s Day! Fortunately, for my fellow gifting procrastinators, there is still time to pick out presents and have them arrive before the big day. If you don’t know where to start for the coffee loving mom in your life, I have a few handy suggestions. Here are my top 8 coffee-related picks perfect for Mother’s Day.

Coffee subscription boxes

Bean and Leaf Co.

Bean and Leaf is a Seattle-based coffee and tea subscription service, but can ship anywhere in the country! You can send a one-time box or opt for a monthly subscription. I’ve tried them myself and was very impressed with the experience. Each box contains a pound of coffee and/or tea, and you fill out a survey of your coffee and tea preferences so the Bean and Leaf team can curate the perfect box to suit the preferences of whoever you’re buying for. I got the most delicious tea from Seattle’s Perennial Tea Room. It smelled as good as it tasted– like a fresh sugar cookie. The delivery service is also carbon-neutral, which is a plus if you or your loved one cares about sustainability! If you’re considering setting up a subscription, you can use the code “LIVSGIVES” for 20% off (I don’t make anything from this– it’s just to help you guys out). 

Afugã Coffee box

Afugã Coffee is a Texas-based coffee cart and catering company that has also pivoted to crafting absolutely adorable coffee gift boxes. The boxes offered on their website are highly customizable, including not only a bag of quality beans, but also mugs, candles, biscotti, and other goodies that will perfectly complement your daily cup of joe. Plus, their packaging and attention to detail make this feel like a luxe gift handmade with care. 

Other awesome coffee subscriptions to consider are Native Coffee Club, Bean Box, and Atlas Coffee Club. 

Coffee mugs and drinkware

Mason jar with a handle

If your mother loves iced coffee, a mason jar with a handle is an adorable gift they are practically guaranteed to enjoy. Something about the experience of drinking coffee from a charming jar elevates the at-home experience. Plus, even with a handle, most mason jars are dishwasher safe, making cleanup easy. 

French press

For the coffee-curious, a French press is a relatively inexpensive way to ease into making more high-quality coffee than a standard drip coffee maker. They come in a variety of styles and price ranges, so you can easily find one to match any kitchen decor. I personally think my coffee tastes much more vibrant and rich when prepared in the French press, and it only takes a few minutes and minimal cleanup. I use a Bodum French press and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Reusable mug for hot drinks

A good tumbler or cup will keep hot coffee hot, a must both in the winter time and year-round. Mom can also use it for drinks other than coffee! This is also a great gift idea for the pandemic, where outdoor gatherings have become the norm– having a hot drink for a socially distant firepit is perfect as temps drop in the Northern Hemisphere. 

My favorite suggestions are a Keepcup, Yeti tumbler, or one of the beautiful stainless steel and ceramic mug sfrom Honey and Roses Coffee.

Coffee grinder

Even a cheaper, automatic electric grinder can be a great addition to a coffee lover’s counter top. Many coffee snobs agree that coffee just plain tastes better when it’s freshly ground right before brewing. A manual grinder could be a great addition to a gift of a bag of whole coffee beans. 

Quality Beans

Try a local roaster!

Buying coffee from a local roaster or café is a really nice gesture. Not only does it show the person you’re gifting it to that you put thought into your gift, but it is also a great chance to support local businesses during a very challenging time. I can pretty much guarantee that local, freshly-roasted coffee beans will taste a million times more special than that generic Dunkin’ blend they could buy at the grocery store. My local Massachusetts suggestions include Night Shift Coffee and Gracenote. However, I also love the Old School Blend from Stamp Act Coffee in Seattle, Rhode Island’s Springline Coffee. And, to shout out a local business from my college town in Vermont, Iluminar Coffee is also a great small roaster to support. 

Give them a gift card to a local cafe

Again, this is a great way to support local business right now and could turn into a great opportunity to have an experience and make memories together. Give them a gift card to a local coffee shop and get some drinks to go for a socially distant coffee date, which would be enjoyable regardless of the season.

I hope this coffee gift guide was helpful– I would love to hear your thoughts! It always feels so good to celebrate the moms in your life, and if you can find something perfect to suit her (caffeinated) interests, it’s an even bigger win!

Stay caffeinated!


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