New England Cold Brew Review Part 2!

About a month or so ago, I posted the first installation of my New England Cold Brew review, highlighting four amazing local businesses that offered canned cold brew for at-home consumption. However, the fun didn’t stop there! I was really impressed by the quality and variety of the cans I tried. The attention to detail that companies put into describing accurate flavor profiles, creating gorgeous packaging, and making the at-home cold brew experience convenient and on-par with a cafe had me excited to try even more cold brew. Especially given the surprising number of cold brew offerings from New England roasters, I was in luck. Without further ado, here are my thoughts and comprehensive reviews of 5 more awesome New England cold brews. 

Atomic Coffee Roasters (Beverly, MA)

Atomic Coffee Roasters is one of my favorite coffees to enjoy at Massachusetts cafés (at their Beverly café and beyond), so I was really excited to try their cold brew cans and bring the Atomic experience home. My favorite of their cold brew offerings by far was their nitro cold brew. With notes of orange zest, chocolate and pecan, the nitro struck a great balance between citrus-y, brighter notes, and a more smooth, chocolatey finish. Definitely a robust flavor, but it paired really nicely with the creaminess of the nitro foam on top even as a black coffee without additional milk, resulting in a smooth, velvety mouthfeel and most importantly, a delicious drinking experience! Their non-nitro cold brew was not quite as deeply chocolatey, with notes of clementine, nougat, and burnt sugar, but was nonetheless still an enjoyable blend, especially with non-dairy milk to add a little bit of creaminess that the foam provided with the nitro. The packaging was sleek and did a great job preserving the nitro infusion until the can was cracked open. Additionally, both cans had over 380 mg of caffeine, which made it perfect for stressful college days where I needed to seize the day. 

Abracadabra Coffee Co. (Woodstock, VT)

Abracadabra Coffee Co. is based out of Woodstock, Vermont, and they have created a delightfully quirky and laid-back culture without sacrificing quality coffee. Their four different seasonal cold brew offerings all feature amazing packaging with art by Dang Olsen. They make a hemp-infused coffee, with notes of black raspberry, ganache, and “dank”, which I am absolutely intrigued by. CBD and hemp infusions in coffee are by no means a common find, but I’ve been seeing more hype around them recently, so I was excited to give it a go. Their hemp-infused cold brew features Guatemala Monte de Oro, along with 20mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. Definitely thought “dank” was accurate in terms of describing the hemp– it wasn’t overpowering and still tasted like cold brew coffee, but there was definitely something unique in that flavor profile. 

I also really liked their Classic Cold brew can, a Guatemalan single origin with an amazing combination of tasting notes: peaches and cream candied almond, and aged rum. It was incredibly smooth and had a sweet, nuanced flavor profile that was best black ,without additional milk or sweetener.

Other offerings from Abracadabra include Dark Times, a dark roast cold brew made with Peruvian coffee. Dark Times brings tasting notes of caramel, brown sugar, and milk chocolate to the table, in keeping with its richer, deeper flavor profile. Abracadabra formerly offered a Mexico single origin cold brew with notes of chocolate milkshake, pecan and salted caramel, which I was lucky enough to snag, but is no longer available. With a broad range of different origins and tasting notes, any coffee drinker is sure to find at least one brew to suit their taste preferences. I love Abracadabra’s creativity with their packaging, ethos, and approach to choosing tasting notes. 

Broadsheet Coffee  (Snapchilled Coffee, Cambridge, MA)

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters of Cambridge, MA collaborated with Elemental Beverage Co. to create a Snapchilled can of iced coffee. Elemental uses this technology to cool coffee rapidly right after brewing, resulting in a fresh, non-stale tasting cold coffee. Because it is a snapchilled coffee, not a cold brew, it was a bit sparklier and brighter tasting than some of the other cans I’ve sampled. However, the notes of cherries and chocolate were a big hit for me. Like Birdhouse cold brew, which has similar tasting notes of berries/chocolate, this coffee definitely had a stronger, bolder flavor than some of the others I tried, which made it ideal to add some almond milk to, adding some nuttiness and smoothness to the coffee without totally masking the unique flavor. 

Perkatory Coffee Roasters (Snapchilled Coffee, Middletown, CT)

As I mentioned in my March coffee roundup, Perkatory’s snap-chilled iced coffee can poured out as a delicious golden color. This snapchilled can is another product of a collaboration with Elemental Bev Co. Their Solstice blend is a blonde roast coffee that tasted delicious cold, with notes of nuts, milk chocolate, strawberry, bright spices and a honey finish. I found the taste pleasantly nutty/bright. Because it was snap-chilled cold coffee, it packed a caffeinated punch, and it was definitely a little less smooth than a true cold brew, but I didn’t find it overly acidic. I definitely enjoyed it best over ice with some almond milk. So much love for convenient, dorm-friendly cans. The shipping was also quick, which I definitely appreciated. 

Snowcap Cold Brew (Vermont)

Snowcap is a local business that, like Massachusetts-based Sah.ol and New Hampshire’s NOBL Beverages, was also originally founded by college students, although Snowcap is based out of Vermont. As a current college student with a budding caffeine dependency, I definitely appreciate the goal of crafting a delicious and convenient cold brew option. I tried Snowcap’s nitro cold brew and found it to be a solid option. Although their nitro foam was definitely frothy and present, the overall flavor didn’t stand out to me as much as Atomic or Abracadabra cold brew when I drank it as a black coffee. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it with oat milk. Overall, it was a solid and convenient option for my college dorm room, but not mind-blowing. However, I would be really interested to try their new maple flavor made with Vermont maple syrup, which I think would add an interesting touch! Like Abracadabra, Snowcap also offers CBD-infused coffee. They also have released a cold brew can in collaboration with another Vermont coffee business, 802 Coffee Roasters. Bonus points for working with other local businesses!

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