Liv’s March Coffee Roundup!

There is still a week left in March, but as the month draws to a close, I wanted to highlight some of the new coffee I tried. These drinks run the gamut from cold brew to whole bean coffee, pre-ground coffee, and a mushroom-based chaga packet for iced lattes! Without further ado, let’s spill the (coffee) beans.

Graziella Coffee

Graziella is a small-batch roaster from Queens, NY. I tried their dark roast from Honduras and found it a nice change of pace from my usual light and medium roast coffees. This coffee was whole bean and from a single estate (Finca Terrerito). With flavor notes of molasses and graham cracker, I found this nuanced and compelling brewed in the French press– the molasses note was particularly present to me, and the coffee didn’t taste overdone or burnt as some darker roasts might. 

1a Coffee

1a Coffee Roasters is a local Vermont business based in Wilmington. I had the pleasure of trying their Mexican single origin. It was a whole bean medium roast with notes of caramel, honey and vanilla. It was the first Mexican-origin coffee I’ve ever tried. Overall, I was pleased: there were great caramel and vanilla notes, and a really nice, even balance in the coffee, even black.

Springline Coffee

Springline Coffee roasts out of Rhode Island. I had the chance to try their Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, a medium roast, Colombian origin coffee. This coffee was pre-ground, which I found convenient in my dorm room. The aroma of the bag and the coffee was amazing– so sweet and fragrant. More importantly, though, it tasted delicious. With notes of cocoa, caramel and walnut, there was plenty of nuance and rich flavor– definitely a hint of the chocolatiness of a mocha, a little nutty caramel note, and somehow sweet and even as a black coffee. This tasted good hot, but even better when made as a cold brew overnight.

Perkatory Roasters 

Perkatory Coffee Roasters is a very popular Connecticut café and coffee roaster. I picked up one of their snap-chilled iced coffee cans– their Solstice blend, a blonde roast that poured out as a delicious golden color. Because it was snap-chilled cold coffee, it packed a caffeinated punch, but I didn’t find it overly acidic. I definitely enjoyed it best over ice with some almond milk. I’ve been on a big iced coffee and cold brew kick recently, so it was great to sample and feature a local business that serves it in a very dorm-friendly canned format.


Renude makes superfood chaga mushroom packets to add to your coffee for a frothy latte. I was a little worried that with the mushroom, this would add a savory taste to my coffee, but fortunately that was not so. I used a milk frother to froth this in with some strong coffee and milk and made an iced latte. Along with the chaga mushroom, there is also a hint of cocoa, cinnamon and some monk fruit that adds a fun froth and sweetness to my coffee. When poured over ice with some milk, this needed no additional sweetener and tasted surprisingly refreshing– I didn’t even notice the mushroom, but it was a great way to sneak some extra nutrients into my morning.

Which of these would you most like to try?

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