Valentine’s Coffee Recipe: Easy At-Home Iced Cherry Vanilla Latte

I’m not sure what your thoughts are on seasonal specialty drinks at cafes, but I am a big fan of them! While I love a standard latte or espresso beverage year-round, there’s something that feels extra indulgent and special about a limited-time flavor. Step aside, Starbucks pink drink! In today’s post, I’m sharing with you an appropriately pink and Valentine-y at home coffee recipe I whipped up recently, as well as a few other potential flavors that I’ve seen offered at local cafes that are perfect for the season. Perhaps you , too, will feel the love, and you’ll be inspired to recreate them at home!

Olivia's easy, at-home DIY Valentine's Day coffee drink recipe, an iced cherry vanilla flavored latte with whipped cream and all the fixings, catches the morning light oh so romantically! Get ready to feel all the love and learn how to make this step-by-step yourself.

I made myself a cherry vanilla iced latte, using strong cold brew and plenty of (lactose-free) milk. Normally I lean toward non-dairy milk in my coffee, but I think that using regular milk in this recipe helped to add a more vivid color to the final drink. I also made my own cherry simple syrup from scratch. It was a pretty simple process and took around 20 minutes following this simple syrup recipe, but I found the time commitment to be well worth it. Alternatively, you could buy a flavored syrup, but in my experience, cherry isn’t a super common flavor to find in the grocery store. Still, I think reddish berry flavors like cherry, strawberry or raspberry are perfect for Valentine’s day themed beverages. 

You can find the latte tutorial in video form here.

Cherry Vanilla Iced Latte


For this recipe, you will need:

  • 2 tsp cherry simple syrup (or to taste)
  • 1 tsp sugar free vanilla syrup
  • 1 cup of strong cold brew or 2 shots espresso 
  • ½ to ¾ cup milk of choice (I used skim milk)
  • red liquid food coloring
  • (optional) whipped cream and sprinkles to top


  • Step 1: Add ice to your glass.
  • Step 2: Pour in your cold brew coffee or espresso shots.
  • Step 3: Add ½ cup milk.
  • Step 4: Add your cherry and vanilla syrups to taste. Anywhere from at least 1 teaspoon to around a tablespoon of each will do!
    •  I made my own DIY cherry syrup and got my vanilla syrup from Torani. However, if you don’t have a store-bought vanilla syrup at home, you can make an easy substitution and swap it out for a few drops of vanilla extract and some sweetener to substitute. 
  • Step 5: Add about 3-4 drops of red liquid food coloring and stir to combine.
  • Step 6: Top with whipped cream and a dusting of sprinkles (optional).
  • Step 7: Enjoy!

Other wonderful seasonal latte flavors to take inspiration from:

Rose Cardamom Latte– as seen at Revival Cafe and Kitchen

“Lover’s chai” Lavender chai latte from Jaho Coffee, off of their Cupid menu

Love Bug Latte (Honey, raspberry and vanilla) from the Coffee Loft

Pink Velvet Macchiato– from Dunkin’ of course. Yes, this seasonal beverage is from a national chain, but it is known to be a very fun color, if a little bit too sweet. Many Dunkin’ drinkers report that it tastes like french vanilla, but pink, so this could be an easy at-home dupe

Rosey Almond Milk Latte A collaboration between Brio Coffeeworks and Tomgirl Kitchen. An almond milk latte made with rose petals, rose water and a very special milk– rose infused, with medjool date to sweeten. 

If you don’t feel inspired to go out and try a new coffee OR mix flavors up at home, you could also simply make your usual recipe but with a colorful twist– for example, just add food color for a change in appearance but not flavor! I tried making a pink matcha latte the other day which got me in the spirit (although it did remind me a bit more of watermelon with the pink-and-green combo than Valentine’s day– nevertheless, it was a lot of fun!)

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