Seven Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for Coffee Lovers to Try

It feels like everything has moved to a subscription-based model these days. From online services like Netflix and Spotify Premium to physical deliveries like Ipsy or Book of the Month, it’s clear that there’s been a big shift to charging by the month. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are a lot of benefits to trying a physical subscription box– the convenience, the regularity, the slight element of surprise, almost like opening a present. But for coffee in particular, is it worth it? Spoiler alert: a resounding yes, in my opinion. In my post today, I’ll be discussing what makes coffee boxes in particular so special and sharing some of my favorite ones by category: the simple, the regional, and the variety-filled. The boxes I’ve tried are a mix of those that were gifted to me (i.e. product was sent free) when collaborating with companies and a couple I bought to try for myself– I’ve included links to the websites, but this is not a paid ad or affiliate link situation. I’m not receiving any money for doing so! I’m sharing boxes I genuinely ended up liking.

The Simple

No Decaf Allowed

No Decaf Allowed Coffee Subscription Box– featuring a medium roast from Achilles Coffee Roasters

No Decaf Allowed is the most recent coffee box I’ve tried– I brewed it last week, actually! Their site is wonderfully simple. They ask the essential questions and nothing more: roast preference, ground or whole bean, and delivery frequency. As someone who is indecisive and open to trying coffee of all types, I found that taking the decision-making out of the selection process was remarkably freeing. Even better, I ended up with a truly delicious coffee!

Afugã Coffee

Afugã Coffee Break is a coffee cart and catering service formerly out of Walnut Creek, California and now in Austin, Texas. Their coffee boxes serve purely their delicious Neapolitan Espresso, and the goodies they pack into the box along with it are delightfully curated and practical. In a given box, you may also receive a mug, a candle, or a sweet treat to complement your coffee. With a streamlined selection of choices, Afugã has picked a model and executed it to perfection.

The Regional

Bean + Leaf Co.

Bean + Leaf Co. is a new coffee and tea subscription box that highlights roasters from the Seattle Area. For Bean + Leaf, you fill out a survey of your coffee and tea preferences and are sent a box that fits the bill. This is a great way to discover new roasters that suit your tastes perfectly and to support small local business, especially if you have a particular love for Seattle coffee. Their shipping service is also carbon-neutral, which is a sustainable touch I really appreciate. If you’re looking to try them out, you can use code “LIVSGIVES” for 20% off your subscription (I don’t get money from this but it does help you guys out!) or take advantage of their current promotion code “FREEBOX21” to get your first box free.

Bean + Leaf coffee and tea subscription box
The Bean and Leaf subscription provides ample quantities of coffee and/or tea from the Seattle area

Native Coffee Club

Native Coffee Club not only has excellent packaging, but also features roasters from across Colorado. While I am from out of state and simply enjoyed the exposure to great roasters I had never heard of, an added boost for Colorado coffee enthusiasts is the free drink card to the roaster-of-the-month’s café included in your monthly shipment! You can opt for blends, single origin, or decaf. 

Variety Packs

Bean Box

Bean Box is a well-curated subscription for those who want to sample a variety of coffee. Like Bean+Leaf, Bean Box is based in Seattle, but is a lot bigger. Their coffee tasting box contains multiple smaller samples of coffee rather than a giant bag of a single roast, which is great for coffee-curious folks looking to explore new blends before committing to a whole bag. If you find a coffee that really speaks to you, you can scan a QR code to order more.

Atlas Coffee Club

One of the coolest features of Atlas Coffee Club’s subscription box is the different country of origin they select each month. The packaging is also absolutely beautiful and sure to brighten up your kitchen counter (or wherever you keep your coffee stash). With a different country every month, you’re guaranteed to be exposed to a full spectrum of coffee flavors.

Atlas Coffee Club– Ethiopia month complete with a postcard and tasting notes


MyBevBox is one of the more unique boxes I’ve tried because your coffee comes in a can! If you’re into cold brew (personally, I’m obsessed) this is a really fun subscription to try. Every month, you get five different cold brew coffees, ranging from black coffee to nitro to flavored cold brew lattes.

Honorable Mentions

Espresso Yourself

Also, a huge honorable mention goes out to the Espresso Yourself box! I ultimately did not include this box in my rankings because the main subscription box offering emphasizes both coffee and wellness products. However, there is an option to try a coffee-only subscription! Alana is a therapist who selects amazing products each month, with a focus on supporting woman-owned businesses. Her packaging and presentation is also absolutely beautiful.

The Espresso Yourself coffee subscription box also includes wellness products and features female-owned businesses

Hopefully this guide to some of the best coffee subscription boxes was helpful. Of course, this is all from personal experience– would love to hear other opinions and suggestions! If you have a recommendation, feel free to leave it in the comments below or DM me on my coffee Instagram, over at @caffeinatedliv.

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